Blue Eagle Spelling: An Introduction

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Blue Eagle Spelling: An Introduction

Hello fellow alumni,

In the interest of getting to know each other even better, please post some information about yourself using the following format (copy and paste into a new message on this thread):

Course, Batch and/or Ateneo affiliation (i.e. AdMU, AdN, AdZU, XU, Jesuit, Ateneo HS, Ateneo GS, spouse, brother/sister, etc.):
Email address:
Phone number (optional):
State/District (DC/MD/VA):
Favorite Ateneo teacher (Jesuit or non-Jesuit) and why:
What you remember the most about your Ateneo years (if applicable):
Favorite Ateneo or Jesuit song/prayer/cheer:
Tell us something interesting about you:
Questions, comments, etc. (optional):

Welcome to your Alumni Association here in the Metropolitan DC area and see our calendar for fun, interesting events. Please keep your elbows inside the jeepney and enjoy the ride!