Bukas Palad "Huwag Kang Mangamba" Concert

Save the date! Bukas Palad will be holding its "Huwag Kang Mangamba (Be Not Afraid)" concert on April 13th, 2014 at Schlessinger Hall (NVCC Alexandria Campus).  For further inquiries, email magis@ateneodc.org.
The Bukas Palad Music Ministry is a community of young people who compose, record, and perform original Filipino religious music.  Many of the most popular and well-loved praise songs in the Philippines were first sung and recorded by Bukas Palad. "Hindi Kita Malilimutan", "Tanging Yaman", "Sa 'Yo Lamang", "Anima Christi", "I Will Sing Forever", and “Humayo’t Ihayag” are but a few of the songs Bukas Palad has sung and spread over its 28 years.  Since 1986, Bukas Palad has recorded 18 albums and has performed in hundreds of concerts across the Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States.  In over quarter of a century, Bukas Palad has grown to become an important force in Filipino music, and even after celebrating its 25th anniversary on June 7, 2011, Bukas Palad continues to aim to enrich and deepen its rootedness in Ignatian spirituality; as it continues to aim for excellence in writing, performing, and propagating its songs. In particular, Bukas Palad aims to create new music to fill the needs of the Filipino faithful, to give a voice to people’s most fervent prayers.
For more information on Bukas Palad:
Following the many tragedies that the Philippines has and continues to experience, Bukas Palad has dedicated 2014 to singing of hope and healing.  We proclaim God's words, "Huwag kang mangamba. Be not afraid," as we visit various communities, to sing and to pray with our church and our people. It is our hope that our concerts in North America will help Filipino communities be one with our nation as we face the long road of healing and rebuilding with the love, hope, joy and generosity of Christ.